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 Licensed Driver Test
1Children's Home

This guide will give you the understanding and clarification on the different range of welfare benefits a person can claim. These benefits will be awarded based on different entitlement conditions which a person has to satisfy.


Welcome to this module about Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).

Health & Safety


Agresso (v5.6.2) represents a fundamental change to the Creditors business process and allows the Council to reinforce agreed purchasing policies, segregation of duties and other internal controls which have always been in place. 

Financial Regulation 9.2 within the Council Constitution require that orders are placed for “all work, goods and services” (with specific exemptions) to ensure funds are not committed before authorisation. Orders must also comply with the Corporate Procurement Policy in respect of contracts, tenders and market testing and Confirmation Orders should not be used unless in genuine exceptional circumstances. Further details can be found in the Corporate Procurement Handbook - http://council/pro.htm

Please click on the title 'KEY MESSAGES Creditors' above to display the full message.


The task of writing minutes is not just reserved for secretaries. Any person can be called upon to take the minutes of a meeting they attend.

This module is a practical guide that looks at the value of minutes whether the meeting is planned with an agenda and a chair person to manage the meeting, or if it is unplanned without an agenda and is less structured.

Effective Meetings

This module has been designed to give you an overview of risk assessments. By the end, you'll be able to define risk assessment and identify the key principles. You will understand the difference between a hazard and a risk, and will recognise which risks require assessment. You will also be confident in undertaking the risk assessment process.

Health & Safety

This module is designed to give you an overview of management responsibilities with respect to health and safety laws and policies that affect you and your team.

We'll be focusing on an office environment for this module. If you work in an environment where special rules apply to good health and safety practice, additional training should be provided to you and your team

Health & Safety

Update your Benefit Fraud Awareness

Financial Services

The tutorial is intended to give new Agresso users a brief overview of system functionality, menus, navigation tools and windows within Agresso 5.6.2.

This is an interactive tutorial. You will receive a certificate following its successful completion.

Please click on the title 'Agresso E-tutorial' above to start the tutorial.


Equality and Diversity (30 minutes)
The following materials aim to provide you with the essentials needed for observing equality and diversity within the workplace and within the wider community. This module looks at the definitions of equality and diversity; the legal framework; assessing the impact and how people can be supported in the workplace and in the community.

Equality & Diversity

Learn how to create, save, recall enquiries in Agresso. 

Please click on the title 'General Ledger Reporting & Enquiries' above to access the learning materials


Planning and Chairing Meetings (45 minutes) 

After completing this module you will be able to plan meetings, inform and prepare attendees, structure and control meetings and record their outcomes. The module is intended for anyone who as part of their job has responsibilty for planning and/or chairing meetings and their outcomes

Effective Meetings

A detailed reference guide to the new Delegated Banking in Agresso 5.6.2.

Please click on the title 'Schools Delegated Banking' above to access the learning materials.


Agile Working for Managers (25 minutes)
This module has been designed to guide management personnel through the introduction of agile working. Case studies and practical scenarios are included to bring the learning to life and to help you put key agile working concepts into action.We’ll look at the benefits of agile working, as well as the potential pitfalls, and underline the importance of setting clear goals and objectives for your newly decentralised team.

Management and Leadership

Currently a pilot scheme only.

Please click on the title 'Schools Workflow Journals' above to access the learning materials.

Agresso Schools

Detailed and quick reference guides to debtors.

Please click on the title 'Accounts Receivable / Debtors Enquiries' above to access the learning materials

Agresso Debtors

Emotional Intelligence (40 mins)
Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability of individuals to recognise their own and others' emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and to use this information to guide thinking and actions. Studies have shown that people with high levels of emotional intelligence have greater mental health, exemplary job performance and more potent leadership skills.
By the end of our Emotional Intelligence module, the learner will understand how EI can increase their self-awareness, help them to work with others and improve their professional performance.


Flexible learning opportunities for Gateshead Council employees.

Distance Learning

General Guides to raising Subscriptions and Sales Orders in Agresso.

Please click on the title 'Debtors / S2C / Accounts Receivable' above to access the learning materials


Getting started with supervising (45 minutes)
The first step on the management ladder is the supervisor, team leader, or first line manager. This role requires the individual to develop new skills such as communication, problem solving, managing people, leadership, planning, motivation and delegation.

Supporting and Developing Employees

Induction is the process by which employees become part of Gateshead Council, competent in the job and confident in their management.  All employees, whether newly recruited or transferred/promoted within the organisation must be provided with sufficient information to assist their effective integration into their new position.

Council Essentials

Lean Techniques (60 minutes) and Process Mapping (60 minutes)
The public sector is under constant pressure to deliver efficiency, lean principles which were borne out of the private sector have proven to deliver streamlined services in the public sector. As a whole-systems approach lean allows for understanding and identifying what customers really need, reducing waste and streamlining processes to improve service delivery.



Learn more about Agresso passwords and what to do if you are accessing Agresso for the first time or have forgotten your Agresso password.

This section also contains some useful password troubleshooting questions and answers.

Please click on the title 'Agresso Passwords & Security' above to access the learning materials.


Learn more about the Agresso Chart of Accounts, terminology, coding structure and products.

Please click on the title 'Agresso Chart of Accounts' above to access the learning materials.


Meeting Skills (35 minutes)
Meetings are an inescapable part of professional life, and can serve a valuable purpose – from resolving issues to motivating employees. It’s important, therefore, that we know how to structure our meetings effectively.The Meeting Skills module will provide the learner with the skills they need to plan a meeting, identify objectives, prepare an agenda and put an appropriate structure in place. We’ll also demonstrate how to use control techniques to improve the productivity of meetings, and the best approaches to summarising agreement and minute-taking.

Effective Meetings

Need help with an Agresso query?

Need to contact the Agresso Helpdesk?

Need to access Agresso Proformas e.g. Chart of accounts creation, GL07 requests, training requests?

Please click on the title 'Agresso Helpdesk Service Information & PROFORMAS' above to access the learning materials.


Need to raise a new Customer or Supplier in Agresso or amend exisitng details?

Please click on the title 'Raising a New or Amending Customer or Supplier Links' above for information.


Online Learning via HSE website

Health & Safety

Presentation Skills (60 minutes)
This module will give guidance on planning and preparing for presentations.


Presenting Yourself

Prevent is the UK government strategy aimed at reducing or eliminating the risk of individuals becoming involved in terrorism. Completing this module will help you to identify signs of radicalisation, and understand when and how to report concerns appropriately.

Community Safety

Quick and easy answers to frequently asked questions.

Please click on the title 'Accounts Payable / P2P FAQs' above to access the learning materials.

Agresso Creditors

Team Leading and Improving Performance (20 minutes)
Effective teams are organisational assets; they perform well and help the organisation to achieve its aims and objectives based on a shared vision. Motivating team members and improving team performance should be an ongoing process and managers need to be skillful in specific areas.

Management and Leadership

The Bribery Act 2010 provides information on the law surrounding making or receiving bribes.

Please click on the title 'The Bribery Act 2010' above to access the module. 

Guidance and Acts

These guides explain how to use the new procure to pay functionality in Agresso 5.6.2. and are specific to the business processes associated with construction services.

PLeae click on the title 'LES P2P Construction Services' above to access the learning materials.


These guides explain how to use the new procure to pay functionality in Agresso 5.6.2.

Please click on the title 'General P2P User Guides, Gateshead Services and Housing Company' above to access the learning materials


These guides explain how to use the new procure to pay functionality in Agresso 5.6.2.and are specific to school based users.

Please click on the title 'Schools P2P Reference Guides' above to access the learning materials.


These guides explain how to use the new procure to pay functionality in Agresso 5.6.2.and are specific to school based users.

Please click on the title 'Schools P2P User Guides' above to access the learning materials.

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